Invictus Games and Expertum win Golden SAP 'Best of Customers Success' Award 2021


Invictus Games has won the Golden SAP 'Best of Customers Success Award 2021' for its tailor-made registration and fan engagement app. This registration app was developed by SAP partner Expertum in close cooperation with SAP NL and it helps the organization of the Invictus Games to organize the event as efficiently as possible.


Cees Juffermans (Invictus Games): "I am really proud of winning this golden SAP 'Best of Customers success Award'. The collaboration with Expertum and SAP was magnificent!

Sjoerd van Middelkoop (Director & Partner Expertum):
"I am incredibly proud that our team from Expertum, SAP and TIG Sports have been able to develop this unique app for the Invictus Games organization. The Chefs de mission can register their athletes for competition components via the app. But also family and friends , spectators, sponsors, media and suppliers get a huge profit from the app.

SAP Netherlands presented the 'Best of Customer Success 2021' awards online on Tuesday 9 November. During a 1.5-hour session, 9 awards were presented in 3 categories (bronze, silver and gold). Prior to this, each participant provided input in the form of a video, article and a pitch during the online award ceremony itself.

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