'Expertum helped lay the foundation for our growth'

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As a company, Joris Ide is constantly on the move. This international player in the steel industry, present in more than 15 countries, has experienced enormous growth in recent years. For more than ten years, Expertum has been the reliable partner for all SAP challenges relating to this rapid growth.

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ICT manager Bernard Bossuyt once worked for SAP Belgium and chose Expertum as a partner because of its extensive expertise. ‘The name reflects the great added value of Expertum. No SAP partner employs as many senior consultants as Expertum. They are all established, well-trained experts with extensive SAP experience. In recent years, they have also attracted a number of key players who have played a really important role for us.’

The name reflects the great added value of Expertum: they are all established, well-trained experts

In 2009, Expertum joined Joris Ide, initially as a consultant for SAP authorisations. Meanwhile, a dozen projects were rolled out, including the switch to HANA in 2015 and the ongoing switch to S/4HANA. Expertum is an SAP partner for authorisations, accounting and controlling, supply chain management, and so on.

‘In recent years, for example, we have made huge strides in the area of reporting and business warehousing thanks to Expertum,’ says Bossuyt. ‘We had come to a dead-end with an unadjusted set-up and a range of errors, and Expertum helped us out. Today, we have a very high-performance reporting system. Every morning at 8 o'clock our management team can make highly targeted decisions based on reporting on all levels of the company: production, sales, stock.’

Joris Ide just keeps on growing. In 2009, when Expertum became a partner, the company had about 700 employees. Today, there are 1800. Turnover has doubled in that time. ‘Here, things have to move forward,’ says Bossuyt. ‘Every department, every shift, every employee has to be involved, otherwise there is no match.’

They understand the problems very quickly and opt for long-term structural solutions, based on our growth

‘The fact that Expertum has been a partner here for more than ten years says it all,’ says Bossuyt. ‘They complement our teams, and sometimes take the driver's seat themselves. They understand the problems very quickly. They think things through with us and opt for long-term structural solutions, based on the company’s growth. In this way, they have helped build the solid foundation that has enabled the growth of our company. Some of the people from Expertum have been here since day one.’

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