'Flexibility, expertise and quality - that's what Expertum is all about'

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Written by Geert Van Muylem


What started out as a consultancy assignment from one of Expertum's founders, Bert Vanstechelman went onto develop into a structural cooperation of more than thirteen years. ‘Why Expertum? Three reasons: they are flexible, they are experts, and they deliver quality,’ says Wim Ooms, IT Operations Manager at LeasePlan BELUX.

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LeasePlan operates in forty countries worldwide. The BELUX department often acts as a guide in terms of technologies and methods. The finance SAP system rolled out here serves as an example for many departments around the world. ‘Together with Expertum, we have built a high-performance system,’ says Wim Ooms. ‘Colleagues from other countries come to see how we do it. If Expertum were active worldwide, they would probably be working for LeasePlan worldwide.’

The bar is set high for LeasePlan. ‘Quality of service is our greatest asset,’ says Ooms. ‘We expect the same from our partners and Expertum fulfils this requirement in every respect. They provide structural solutions and cooperate on ideas and concepts. This is not the case with many of their competitors. They don't just execute, they think more broadly, take a practical approach and offer challenges. You get value for money. And there’s no need to waste money on things that you don't need or solutions that are not really long-term.’

According to Ooms, it’s the flexibility in the cooperation with Expertum that provides the most significant added value. ‘You can organise a genuinely tailor-made service. Where competitors simply offer packages, Expertum allows you to make very specific agreements. For example, they conduct a targeted audit for us every year. They take full responsibility for this. They are there when you need them, even for things that are not in your service contract. And they can switch gears very quickly when issues are urgent.’

Until recently, LeasePlan Belgium used other partners for functional support. Now, LeasePlan Belgium uses Expertum for this too. Ooms: ‘We noticed that the other partners had less expertise. Since we have also been working with Expertum on functional issues, we have really noticed a difference. Expertum has a wide range of experts in house.’

Ooms is delighted with the cooperation with Expertum. ‘Even though we have been working together for a long time, the motivation remains. There is absolutely no let-up in our cooperation. On the contrary. They include existing customers like us in everything that is new and innovative. They are and will remain a very committed LeasePlan partner. For the three reasons I mentioned above: flexibility, expertise and quality.’

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