Ecotone ready for the future with a modern analytics environment


Until recently, analytics within the food group Ecotone consisted of a very diverse landscape of different tools and working methods. The company put an end to this with the use of a uniform analytics solution and standard processes. Not without results.

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The history of Ecotone starts no less than 254 years ago. Today, the company focuses entirely on organic and sustainable food products. It is a distribution and production company for a large number of brands, including Zonnatura and Clipper. Ecotone is active in six European countries, with France as its largest sales market.

Business intelligence (BI) and analytics are certainly not new to the company. “We have become increasingly professional in this, but we noticed that many people still did it their own way,” explains Hayo de Haan, SAP BI Consultant at Ecotone. “We wanted a standard set of reports that everyone can log in to and that everyone understands. We have that now, from the dashboards up to the detailed analyses. ”SAP BW, which the organization recently migrated to BW4HANA, serves as the min source for this.

Less fragmentation

Ecotone has, in collaboration with SAP partner Expertum, implemented SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). “We had already set up the processes to get less fragmentation in our BI. We then opted for SAC to make sure we’re ready for the future. ”

BI Solution Architect Shiraz Rana explains why SAC was chosen. “The user-friendliness was very important to us, as was the live connection and therefore the possibility to use it on mobile devices, plus the integrations in the field of security. We compared it with other solutions, but they were quickly rejected. ”

Less waste

Ecotone handles data very differently than before. De Haan: “We use analytics top-down throughout the company. The entire office staff and the field staff, together more than 400 people, is now using SAC. Our CEO checks the dashboards every day and calls people when he sees that something is wrong. Very different from before, when the management board only received its information once every quarter. ”

Ecotone sees many advantages of the new method, including SAC. De Haan: “Our BI landscape is now simplified, with far fewer tools. The ultimate goal is to be able to maintain it again for the entire company together. " Ultimately, the customer will also notice the benefits, he says. “Better and more available analytics will increase delivery reliability even further. Good analytics will also allow us to respond better to the complex mechanism surrounding expiration dates, which ultimately means less food is wasted. ”

SAP partner Expertum can look back on a successful project.

After the configuration was complete, the implementation went pretty quickly. Direct contact with the customer contributed enormously to the success of the project. This allowed us to deliver value to the business from the start.

Director Sjoerd van Middelkoop

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