Fiori unleashed: Streamlining the inventory process at OIV


Expertum Croatia, renowned for its expertise, recently delivered a custom Fiori App for Odašiljači i veze (OIV).
OIV is a fully state-owned company owned by the Republic of Croatia. It is the leading provider of national strategic infrastructure and offers its users a reliable platform, network, infrastructure, and optical Internet infrastructure for mission-critical environments.

Expertum guided OIV throughout the whole process from A to Z, from the advisory, design, development, implementation, and support for the Fiori App. The collaboration between Expertum and OIV commenced with productive workshops, during which our consultants offered a top-notch solution and industry best practices. This led to developing an outstanding solution that perfectly fits OIV's needs.

The first application that they required, was to create an application for the physical inventory count or the annual inventory count. The App has native SAP connectivity and shows real-time data processing, essential for dynamic decision-making processes, powered by UI5 technology. Its intuitive and high flexibility allows us to tailor the solution precisely to OIV's unique requirements, processes, and workflows.

Expertum is currently also developing the Goods movement App, which tries to utilize scanners and mobile phones as much as possible.
This creates a more efficient way of working because we can utilize this app for anything that you do in the warehouse, including goods, receipts, goods issues, transfer postings, or any kind of custom movements that are not standard Fiori.
With this development, we are trying to move the work from the laptop to the mobile phone or handheld device.

Chris van Gerven
(Director & Partner Expertum): “A lot of times, we see a quite standard implementation of S/4HANA without using its full potential. IT should be about business value. This Fiori case is a perfect example of how IT can improve user-friendliness and drive business value. It’s inspiring that OIV is setting an example in the region and driving innovation throughout the market.”

The result

Thanks to the Fiori app, OIV's operations have been significantly improved. The app has streamlined and digitized the inventory process, which drives efficiency and improves user-friendliness.

Goran Senta
(Financial Director at OIV): “The cooperation with Expertum is very good because we work with consultants who are experts in their own field. They provide good solutions, proposals and best practices on the market, bringing excellent results. We look forward to continued cooperation with Expertum.”

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