SAP and Payconiq integration at Medini


Customers are demanding more flexibility when it comes to paying their invoices. Making payments must be quick, smooth and secure. Smartphones are used for much more than making calls, sending messages, checking e-mails or taking pictures. They have earned customers trust for taking care of their banking matters and consumers want to use them for making payments in stores and online.

Payconiq is a mobile solution which enables consumers to make payments using the Payconiq app by simple scanning a QR code. Payconiq started as business to consumer solution, but is nowadays more and more used in business to business configurations as well. The advantage of Payconiq is that the eases paying invoices. Scan the code, confirm the payment and that's that! The advantage for the supplier or vendor is clear, an improvement of cash flow as payment delays are reduced.


Medini is an accredited distributor of veterinary medicines and medical and paramedical equipment to the veterinary profession. They have about 7.000 articles in store for professional veterinary surgeons and animal hospitals. Many of these veterinary surgeons and animal hospitals receive their patients and owners, outside office hours. This implies that they have to order their supplies, late in the evening in order to receive them the next day. Most of them also do their business administration after office hours. To reduce the administrative impact for their customers and to ease payments, Medini decided to include the Payconiq QR code on their invoices. Medini uses SAP S/4HANA as enterprise application software. Together with Expertum, the integration between their SAP system and Payconiq was setup. To make the change visible to customers, the layout of the invoices was completely redone and given a modern look.

In close cooperation with Expertum we strive to streamline processes to improve the service to our customers continuously

Patrick Huyskens, Managing Director at Medini

How You Place a QR Code on Your Invoices

The integration takes only a few simple steps. Let’s run through them now.

Merchant Onboarding

Firstly, sign an agreement with Payconiq. Once done you will be setup as a merchant on the Payconiq platform to interact with the API endpoints. As part of this onboarding process, you will receive a generated merchant (shop) ID and API key.

URL Generator

Secondly import the Expertum Payconiq library on your SAP S/4HANA backend system. This ABAP class contains methods to generate the QR code URL using the Payconiq API embedding the invoice description, amount, and reference.

Sample payload URL:{PaymentProfileId?D={Enc_description}&A={Enc_amount}&R={Enc_reference}

D=Invoice%20Payment or D=OGM(Structured Remittance Enabled)

Customize Invoice

Last step is to customize your SAP Adobe Invoice Form to include an image object with the dynamic generated URL.

Paying Bills And Invoices

Did you receive a bill or invoice with a QR code with a Bancontact or Payconiq logo on it? With the Payconiq by Bancontact app, paying it is surprisingly simple!

  1. Scan
    Open the Payconiq by Bancontact app on your smartphone and scan the QR code with the Bancontact or Payconiq logo on the invoice.
  2. Confirm Payment
    Confirm Payment with the ‘Pay button’ after verifying amount.
  3. Confirm Transaction & Ready
    Confirm with your face, fingerprint our PIN code and done! A payment confirmation will appear on your smartphone. It’s that fast and simple!
Payconiq steps

How To Identify Payments

Both structured and unstructured messages are possible to identify payments. Transactions paid come straight into your bank account and CODA file with a fixed structure for easy identification. If you don’t use structured messages, you can have your transactions grouped daily and paid into your bank account.

Access to the merchant portal for extra reporting and to download transactions for reconciliation. Our developers can help you to create an ABAP report to retrieve a list of a Payconiq payments with all details.


Sending out paper or digital invoices? Make it even easier for your customers to pay and integrate Payconiq with your invoices using our toolkit. With a Payconiq QR code, not only can they pay your invoice more quickly, but the chance of making a mistake is virtually non-existent when entering your bank account number, a message or the amount.

Payconiq Invoice and SAP is a win-win. Expertum is ready to help. Just get in touch!

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