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Encountering an error can slow down your work. To make the whole troubleshooting experience smoother and less frustrating, SAP created the highly practical functionality on Fiori, called App Support.

What is the Fiori App Support?

App Support is built for the end users and allows them to view and download the error logs from the Fiori Launchpad, and send these to the administrators.

What makes this feature so accessible, is that you can view the error information on the Fiori launchpad itself. This means you don’t have to log on to the backend application layer or server yourself anymore. Several types of error messages can be displayed there, more specifically:

  • Authorization errors that correspond to transaction SU53
  • Gateway errors that correspond to /IWFND/ERROR_LOG
  • Back-end errors that correspond to /IWBEP/ERROR_LOG
  • Runtime errors that correspond to transaction ST22

Which version supports App Support?

App Support is available for SAP S/4HANA, as part of the SAP_UI component from the following versions:

  • SAP_UI 7.54 SP06 in S/4HANA 1909 SP04 or Frontend Server 6.0 SP04
  • SAP_UI 7.55 SP02 in S/4HANA 2020 FPS01 or Frontend Server 2020 SP01
  • SAPUI5 version 1.84 or above on Fiori

Note: Please check whether the Fiori service is assigned to the Basic End user role, as this may affect the layout of the App Support screen. Depending on the system landscape, you will see different layouts on this screen: Embedded versus Front-end and Back-end server. The image below shows the latter.


How does App Support work?

You might notice that the App Support function is not visible when you go to your user profile on the Fiori Launchpad home screen. As the name suggests, App Support will only be visible inside an app. To make use of the feature, you first have to open a Fiori App and click on the user menu in the app itself.

Fiori2 2

How does it work in practice? Take the following example. In this situation, you have clicked on a Fiori App and received an authorization error as shown below.


Because you’re inside the app, you can now access the App Support option. The function will appear in the list when you click on the user menu in the top right corner.

Fiori5 2
  • Once you have clicked on App Support, a screen with the different types of error messages is presented. The error types visible are the authorization errors, gateway errors and runtime errors. This is when the system is on an embedded SAP S/4HANA and Fiori server.
Fiori6 2
  • After you have clicked on the type of error, you will see a list of the specific errors. The authorization field SUI_ADEUS (or the restriction for which user is displayed) within the authorization object S_FLP_AS allows you to view the log either only for the current executing user or for all users. In the example below, you are able to see the error information for another user, as the authorization value is “*” or “ALL USERS”.
Fiori7 2
  • Next, you must click on the “Download logs” button to extract the error details in an Excel file. This file will have the error information as shown below.
Fiori8 2

Once you have downloaded the Excel file with the error logs, you can send it to the system administrators (Authorizations/Basis) to resolve the issue.

Errors about App Support

It could happen that you encounter issues with the App Support service and receive errors like “The App Support service cannot be reached. Please check your service configuration”. In this case, please refer to the following SAP notes:



SAP continuously keeps improving their systems to streamline the workflow. Their Fiori App Support provides a simple and efficient way to view and download the error logs, so issues can be resolved even faster.

Any questions about this functionality? Our SAP experts are here to help.

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