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Did you ever look for help within one of the SAP S/4HANA Fiori apps? Have you struggled to understand a specific SAP transaction or application key component? Or needed support to complete an invoice, create an asset or edit customer master data? Expertum believes SAP S/4HANA Embedded Help is a relatively unknown and rarely activated feature that does all of that!

So let’s dig deeper into the Standard Embedded Help as it provides guidance, information and support along the journey of any SAP S/4HANA user of standard Fiori apps. This blog details what the solution does exactly, why you should consider installing it and how easy it is to install and activate.

What is Standard Embedded Help?

The Standard Embedded Help solution assists SAP users in their daily S/4HANA tasks. You can integrate the in-application assistant into your SAP Launchpad and activate it on any given moment and via any app by clicking on the question mark sign (see below) or by pressing F1.

Standard Embedded Help in SAP S4 HANA picture1

Figure 1: Screen Layout on Fiori

As the Embedded Help feature pops up, two icons will appear on the right hand side:

  • The Help Topics provide access to content-dependent help, based on your current activity.
  • The Learning tab will connect your system to SAP’s Learning Center and the SAP Community where you can ask any question that the SAP Embedded Help could not help you with.

Make the most of content-related Help Topics

The Help Topics indicate all relevant definitions, use cases, dependencies and examples for the different UI components, app elements, dialogues or views. Let’s make this clearer by means of an example. Imagine you need to post an electricity invoice in the Fiori app Post General Journal Entries but you have no idea how to create the general ledger transaction. Here is how the Embedded Help can support (see below) is the default view when you activate Embedded Help in this particular app.

Standard Embedded Help in SAP S4 HANA picture2

Figure 2: Help Topics Menu

The Help Topics will appear first and show the different relevant fields in this transaction. By clicking on either a teal bubble on the screen’s layout or on an element in the Help Topics list, users will receive more information. In this particular example, if you click on Intercompany Transaction in the left-side list, Embedded Help will provide the following details and explanation.

Standard Embedded Help in SAP S4 HANA picture3

Figure 3: Help result when clicking on Intercompany Transaction in the Help Topics menu

If you could do with some more information, remember you can also look at an explanatory video by clicking on How to use this app.

Standard Embedded Help in SAP S4 HANA picture4

Figure 4: Explanatory video for Intercompany Transaction

And last but not least, the support button on the bottom of the menu - What’s this app? - connects users directly to the SAP Help Portal (Documentation). In this example, it will provide you with useful general documentation on the Post General Journal Entries app.

Standard Embedded Help in SAP S4 HANA picture5

Figure 5: Help Portal for What's this app?

Get smarter with the Learning section

By clicking on the graduation hat icon, users access the Learning section of the Embedded Help solution. Once opened, it will immediately list a number of relevant tutorials from the Learning Center Playbacks. While the Learning Center tab on top redirects a user towards all topics available for the app.

Standard Embedded Help in SAP S4 HANA picture6

Figure 6: Learning Menu

So, if you are interested in the first Accounting and Financial Close entry, select it and the below tutorials will show you how to perform certain tasks.

Standard Embedded Help in SAP S4 HANA picture7

Figure 7: Path to tutorials on Learning Center

The Community tab will redirect you to the SAP Community, where you can ask any SAP-related question and find blogs that are related to your question.

Another interesting feature is the Quick Tour. It will pop up as you connect for their first time on SAP Fiori Launchpad and offers six short animated tutorials that show how to process certain activities. If you want to access the Quick Tour again or later, you can do so at any time by launching Embedded Help and pressing the Take Quick Tour button.

Standard Embedded Help in SAP S4 HANA picture8

Figure 8: The Quick Tour provides six useful tutorials.

Installation is easy: here is how!

Just follow the steps below to install the Standard Embedded Help feature in SAP S/4HANA.

  1. Run the transaction SHELP_CONFIG
  2. Define the relevant scope in Setting for: Front-end, Back-end, or Both
    1. If you select Front-end or Both, you are required to select a Scenario: Embedded Deployment or Hub Deployment. Based on your selection, certain prefilled fields will display. (see visual below)
    2. Technical details are maintained by default in the transaction /UI2/FLP_CONF
    3. If your customer uses the transaction HELP_CONFIG, these additional steps are required:
      1. Run transaction /UI2FLP_CUS_CONF
      2. Select Launchpad Plug-Ins
      3. Enter the following link in the URL field for the WEB_ASSIATNT_HELP_PLUGINI:
      4. Select Configuration
      5. For the launchpad parameters, define an entry for the property ID and add the value: resourceUrl=
      6. Save Changes
  3. Execute the report
Embedded help stappen

PS: It is possible to run the installation automatically after having implemented SAP Note 2712785 if the transaction SHELP_CONFIG is used.

Make sure to test the proper implementation of SAP by simply pressing F1 or the questionmark button on the launchpad. If the content appears as expected, the solution has been properly configured.

Standard Embedded Help in SAP S4 HANA picture9

Why Expertum believes in the Embedded Help functionality

We are firm believers of the feature as it truly adds value for users: Embedded Help is easy to use, allows cross-application and is activated at the touch of a button (with F1 or questionmark button). It facilitates onboarding of (new) users because it integrates several SAP knowledge hubs (such as the Learning Center, the Help Portal and the SAP Community). As such, it eases the learning and adaptation journey for new joiners or when upgrading the system. And the best news for IT departments? It is simple to install! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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