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We believe Expertum's unique DNA makes a big difference in the world we live in. The feeling of freedom, involvement and seeing each other regularly that's something we appreciate so much. By sharing ideas and thoughts with each other, we create involvement. Unique family members form the DNA of Expertum through a perfect match!

Expertum veldhoven 43

Sharing knowledge and having fun is in our DNA. We give you a sneak peak of all the great activities that we organize every year.

International General Meeting

We connect internationally during our International General Meeting. A special day full of knowledge sharing, (re)connecting and above all, a lot of fun with each other. With all our colleagues from Expertum Consulting Croatia, Slovenia, Belgium and the Netherlands. A very proud moment to meet our colleagues with the Expertum DNA live again.

XP Game Night

Because most of our colleagues are also gaming fans, we organize our traditional game nights from time to time. Something we are very proud of! An evening full of enthusiastic game fanatics bringing together different games and their families.

Game Night 2023 Collage

XP Team Meeting NL

In addition to all the fun activities that we organize throughout the year, we also regularly meet during our team meetings. This an informative get-together with the aim of informing you on our latest developments.

XP Anniversary event

With team XP NL we celebrated our anniversary event for a weekend at the coast with partners,fun activities, delicious food and good company.

Team jubilee meeting
Sinterklaas 2022

XP Sinterklaas celebration

One of the Dutch traditions is of course, the Sinterklaas celebration. A special visit of this generous man at the XP NL office, bringing presents for the kids. Always a beautiful event for the whole family.

XP Christmas dinner

Beautifully set tables with delicious dishes served. Those are the ingredients of our cosy Christmas dinner in a nice restaurant. A lovely moment that everyone looks forward to.

NYP 2023 Zeist

XP New Year Party

We believe we should celebrate the great start of a new year with our XP family. A great moment to raise a glass with their partners.

XP Walk Challenge

Exercise is essential to us at Expertum. In addition to the app we developed together with It's My Life, we also organize a challenge in which we take steps for charity.
We are proud that many Expertum NL colleagues have taken as many steps as possible during our XP Walk Challenge during October!
With a total of 5.4 million steps, we achieved our common goal for a great initiative Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis Sportive (the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital) in Utrecht (NL).
So happy to be able to make this gesture with a small donation for all children.

XP Walk Challenge 2022 V4

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