Managing your entire SAP environment

As a Value-Added Reseller, Expertum is a primary support provider for SAP software issues. Expertum performs first and second level support. Incidents of third level support (Development Support) will be forwarded by Expertum to SAP.

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Expertum’s Application Management Services (AMS) manage, improve and maintain all technical environments and functional processes for a range of SAP versions. By using high-quality and cost effective services, driven by best practice, our experts can cover the performance of mission-critical systems with your specific business requirements in mind.

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Remote system management

Many outsourcing partners or Cloud Providers include a predefined set of SAP administration tasks as part of their standard service offering, which may result in paying for services one rarely or never uses. At Expertum, we see things differently.

Before setting up a list of items to be included in your Remote System Management on-premise or Cloud, we go through a detailed review with you in order to get a precise view of your requirements.

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À la carte

With a precise view of the requirements, we can define an ‘à la carte’ remote system management that covers the services your organisation really needs. This can go from “just call us when you need us” to full outsourcing.

Whether you need a temporary SAP sandbox, for an SAP upgrade or implementation project, or whether you want us to host your SAP landscape all together, we can offer both.

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