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Michelle van Lieshout portrait

Why did Michelle choose Expertum?

I am very happy that I chose Expertum to gain work experience and develop myself, in a great working environment with nice colleagues. Their unique DNA really makes a difference for me.

The atmosphere is very informal and my colleagues are open-minded and really have a lot of humor. What strikes me in particular is that my colleagues are quite extroverted, so definitely not prototype nerds.

The people behind the organization really know what is going on in your working and personal life and are very thoughtful. This personal approach gives you the feeling that you are noticed an appreciated. It creates a strong bond with each other and it feels a bit like family.

They also play into the talents and skills you possess within your function or next to your function. Do what you are good at and especially do what you really like. But do you want to learn something new, also no problem!
Many companies claim they have a unique DNA, but Expertum really proves it to me.

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At Expertum, we are committed to people. We invest in long term partnerships, with our employees and our clients. Expertise, an innovative mindset and having fun is our DNA. Join us and unlock your full potential. Partner up with passionate colleagues and clients. Challenge yourself and others time and time again, working hard without losing sight of what really matters.

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