Intelligent Document Processing

Finding qualified professionals is challenging, especially in a tight and aging labor market. And there are no signs that this will improve soon. Even keeping employees in these conditions has become difficult. Businesses therefore need to work smarter and do more with less. This is where SAP Build Process Automation comes in.


SAP Build Process Automation is a solution that helps businesses adapt, improve, and innovate their business processes. By combining workflow management, robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence capabilities, it automates repetitive dulling tasks, freeing qualified staff for more complicated and challenging assignments.

Did you know that 7 in 10 finance teams spend up to 10 hours per week, or 520 hours per year, on account payable related tasks, that could be automated?

Business Wire, July 28, 2020

SAP Build Process Automation has many use cases, including:

  • Automating email-based business processes that involve time-consuming, error-prone manual tasks, such as copy and paste, data creation, entry, and extraction.
  • Automating high-volume repetitive tasks that must be executed frequently.
  • Automating tasks that involve accessing multiple applications, which offer no suitable APIs.

The solution comes with native integration to other SAP solutions and pre-built process content, such as bots, process steps, business rules, and workflow components.

Automated Upload of Manual Entries

Extracting data from documents or images is a tedious job. The data need to be retrieved from the document and, in most cases, manually entered in the target system. When processing many documents, it becomes a repetitive, dulling and error-prone task. SAP Build Process Automation on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) combines bots and workflows to automate the extraction from various documents with the help of the embedded Document Information Extraction service (see figure 1). It increases the speed in processing documents, improves accuracy and productivity, and frees up time for higher value tasks.

SAP Build Process Automation1

Figure 1: Automated invoice posting in SAP S/4HANA

Our Intelligent Document Processing offering is a solution that automates the processing of incoming invoices. Our solution is based on two components of the SAP BTP platform: SAP Build Process Automation and Document Information Extraction. The invoice is digitally read, processed, and booked in the SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP system without manual intervention.

The solution uses AI-based document processing to extract data from digital documents. Document understanding and processing enables us to extract data from structured digital documents, such as Excel, and unstructured data sources, such as PDFs and scanned images. For more complex document processing, we can create document templates to map out data fields and instruct the bot how to extract data and where to input this data in the SAP system. The solution also includes integration enhancements for automations using Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365

Our offering includes the necessary licenses, the setup in the SAP BTP platform and the configuration and development of the bots and workflow, and the continuous support after go-live.

Intelligent Document Processing offering

Download the leaflet for more details & price indications.

Intelligent Document Processing offering

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