Expertum ticketing tool

This page contains some extra information about how to log in and use the Expertum Service Desk Portal. This support platform can be used to register and follow up all support related tickets. The use of this platform is motivated. Of course, if you have urgent questions, we can still be reached on +32 53 89 51 06.

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Enter the Self Service Portal via

Is this your first login? Then click on "Are you a new user or did you forget your 4me password?"

Enter the Self Service Portal
Login 4 ME
4 ME get access

Enter your email address and you will receive an email with a link to set your password.

Once logged in in the platform, you can use different functionalities:

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  1. You are logged in to the platform.
  2. In the search bar you can enter what you are looking for.
    It is best to use only keywords for this (for example: printer, name of an SAP application, ...)
    This will search the complete service catalogue, standard requests, knowledge articles and previous requests you have made.
  3. Using "Request something" you can browse the service catalogue to find the service for which you want to submit a request.
    After selecting the appropriate service and service instance choose a standard request that matches your question (f.e execution of a transport request)
    OR click "Report an issue for …" to submit a specific issue (incident) for this service instance
    OR click “Request a change for … “ to submit an RFC (request for change) for this service instance
    Next, fill out the required fields of the request.
    Fill in the subject and add the details of your request in the notes field.
    When reporting an issue (incident) it is important to know upfront on which SAP environment the issue occurs please fill the SAP SID (SAP System Identification).
    Next to the SID please fill in the ‘customer impact’ and ‘urgency’ field.
    You can copy and paste print screens in the notes field and also add attachments.
    Finally, click on "Submit" to send the request to the Expertum Service Desk.
  4. "Help Yourself" allows you to browse the knowledge database or search it via keywords.
  5. Through "My Requests" you get an overview of your open and completed request.
  6. The Broadcasts section becomes visible if a general notification is displayed by Expertum. These notifications may concern a known problem, Security updates and/or Expertum related information.
  7. Via the "Navigation" menu you can return to the homepage by clicking on the Expertum logo.


Any additional questions? Please contact our support team via +32 53 89 51 06.