Webinar: Can SAP Build help to keep the core clean?


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Keep the core clean

In our next Expert Session Webinar, our expert Timon van Soom will give some insight on developing solutions on a SAP system while keeping the core clean.

He will specifically zoom in on SAP Build and explore if, how and when it can be used to extend the SAP solutions.

This approach can help businesses to stay ahead, remain competitive, and maintain the agility needed to thrive in today’s ever-changing business landscape.


  • Keep the core clean overview
  • Keeping a competitive advantage on a clean core
  • What is SAP Build?
  • Demo of SAP Build solutions

You can download the presentation and recording of this Expert Session Webinar below.

Target audience

IT Managers, Project Managers, SAP Application Managers, Data Administrators, Business Analysts, Logistic Managers