Webinar: Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud


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For years, SAP BPC and Integrated Planning have been the hallmarks of planning in an SAP landscape. In recent years however, as SAP has shifted its focus for the Analytics Portfolio increasingly into its cloud offering SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), the strategic choice for planning has become SAC Planning.

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Expertum Webinar about Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud with and without SAP BPC connections. Webinar was hosted on Dec 10, 2020.

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Watch a recording of this webinar

SAP Analytics Cloud offers dashboarding and planning capabilities. In this expert session we will inform you about the possibilities that SAP Analytics Cloud has when it comes to planning and compare the scenarios for which these possibilities are best suited. From stand-alone planning in the cloud to planning on a live connection and all versions that are in between, including Hybrid scenarios.

During this session we will paint a picture of the possibilities that Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud provides and give a demo of the planning options for planning with a live connection.

We will start by explaining the various ways of planning in SAC, the scenarios and prerequisites of these options and the best fit solution for each of these situations.

Next, we will go deeply into the various options for planning with SAC and their strengths and weaknesses, and provide a scope and feature overview of each of the options available. Concluding the session, we will provide you with the key takeaways and conclusions we have drawn by comparing, testing and implementing each of the solutions.


  • Planning with SAP Analytics cloud - Introduction
  • Planning on-premise
  • Stand-alone SAC Planning
  • Planning with data replication to the cloud
  • Planning using the Live connection
  • Hybrid planning Conclusions and key takeaways