Webinar: HANA 2 migration - Modelling and deployment


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For customers running SAP HANA as a stand-alone Virtual Data Layer or Data Warehouse, the upgrade of HANA 1 to HANA 2 has considerable impact on the way development and technical artifacts are managed.

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Expertum Webinar on HANA 2 modelling and deployment, hosted on Nov 2, 2020.

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Watch a recording of this webinar

During this session we will address the main changes that occur when migrating your existing HANA 1 environment to HANA 2. The session will focus on the changes in technology, changes in way of working and management of development artifacts across the HANA landscape.

We will start by explaining the differences in HANA view modelling in HANA 1 (XS Classic / Repository based) and HANA 2 (XS Advanced / Git based).

Next, we will explain what exactly this means for your situation by describing the way to migrate from the existing situation to the HANA 2 way of working and what key decisions need to be taken in order to manage his transition well.


  • Key differences in HANA view modelling HANA 1 - HANA 2
  • What changes in development and deployment of views?
  • What is the impact of the use of HDI containers?
  • What does the migration process look like?
  • What are the possible migration scenarios?
  • Conclusion & key takeaways

What is the impact on HANA Development and Deployment when migrating to HANA 2?