SAPience USERday: Where sustainability meets resilience

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On December 5th, sustainability and resilience will meet during the SAPience USERday 2023. What does this mean for your business? What’s the role of SAP in this new evolution? And what other trends do we see for the future?

This event will focus on the intersection of sustainability and resilience. This is a crucial area for businesses to explore, as it involves not only adapting to a changing world but also actively contributing to a more sustainable future.

During the conference, you can expect to gain a deeper understanding of how SAP can support your business in its sustainability and resilience initiatives. You’ll likely learn about specific SAP solutions, best practices, and success stories that have successfully implemented using SAP technology.
Expertum will also present some customer cases. Discover the full agenda here.

Attending this conference will provide you :

  • valuable insights
  • networking opportunities
  • actionable strategies to enhance your business’s efforts
  • the latest developments
  • connections with like-minded professionals

Overall, it sounds like SAPience USERday 2023 is shaping up to be an event packed with practical, actionable information for business looking to integrate sustainability and resilience into their operations using SAP technologies. It’s a great opportunity to gain both strategic insights and hands-on knowledge from experts and peers in the field.

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