Webinar: The collaborative power of Spaces with Data Warehouse Cloud





DWC webinar

SAP's Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC) is celebrating its third birthday this year, and with age comes maturity... or does it? Are you wondering what Walldorf's latest Cloud Business Intelligence solution can mean for your data landscape? Join Expertum as our experts walk you through the solution's most important aspects. From DWC's strategic positioning and integration with other SAP tools, to the workings of Spaces, security and authorization, data transformations, BW Bridge and more... all described through recognizable end-to-end use cases. See you there!

During this Expert Session, our experts Lars van der Goes, Jeroen Pauly and Dragan Slišković will demonstrate SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to you.


  • Introduction & conceptual overview of Data Warehouse Cloud
  • Data Warehouse Cloud's core functionalities and technical demo
  • Advanced capabilities and integration demo

The presentation is based on our customer cases, and the knowledge and insights we gained from them.
In addition, our experts will discuss various business topics about SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

Target audience

IT Managers, Project Managers, SAP Application Managers, Data Administrators, Business Analysts, Logistic Managers

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

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SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

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This event is a webinar, hosted by Expertum The Netherlands and Expertum Croatia. The link to follow this webinar will be sent to you by email.

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