Webinar: SAP S/4HANA 2020 Authorizations: how to do it right & getting rid of misconceptions


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Setting up SAP authorizations has always been an important aspect of an SAP ERP journey. With S/4HANA, this importance has only grown: securing the logical access to your back-end system has remained as important as before, but the Fiori and the HANA platform layer has only increased the importance of a structured conceptual approach to your SAP authorizations.

About this event

In this session we will focus on how to setup a decent S/4HANA authorizations concept and on the new tools and aspects that S/4HANA 2020 brings in.

  • Learn how to conceptually setup S/4HANA authorizations
  • Learn how to integrate effectively tiles, catalogs, spaces, pages, sections, single roles, derived roles and composite roles into your
    overall roll concept
  • Learn what new aspects and tools are brought in by S/4HANA release 2020

Target audience
IT Managers, CFOs, SAP Application Managers, Business Analists, SAP Project & Program Managers, Role & user Administrators, Internal Control & Internal Audit Managers