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VNSG 2024

This exciting VNSG and SAP annual event focuses on the power of collaboration and the continuous growth of all SAP professionals. Take advantage of this opportunity to look ahead to the future and the next phase of growth. Join our inspiring presentation on SAP Datasphere in practice at Ausnutria, presented by Wouter Engbers (ICT Director Ausnutria) and Rogier Schipper (BI Consultant Expertum)! Expertum is a partner of this yearly event.

About our session

How has SAP Datasphere helped Ausnutria improve the quality of its information provision?

Wouter Engbers and Rogier Schipper show what Ausnutria has done with SAP Datasphere to ensure that trends are observed in the composition of supplied products and semi-finished products. This allows more efficient intervention in both the supply chain and the production process to guarantee the quality of the end product.

Ausnutria is a major milk powder manufacturer, and quality is of paramount importance. Analyzes based on the available cost of data were often carried out in Excel and were time-consuming. With the introduction of SAP Datasphere, Ausnutria can gain faster and get better insight into any trends in supplied milk or manufactured semi-finished products. Wouter and Rogier show you what is involved in setting up SAP Datasphere as a Cloud Data Warehouse solution, what benefits the system offers and what challenges still need to be overcome.

If you have always wanted to know how SAP Datasphere works in practice and what fit it can mean for your organization, then join us during our presentation at this VNSG Annual Event!

About VNSG

The VNSG is the Association of Dutch-speaking SAP Users in The Netherlands.

VNSG 2024

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