Webinar: Machine Learning with SAP Data Intelligence


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Webinar Machine Learning

In this Expert Session Webinar, we will present a practical use case for Machine Learning using SAP Data Intelligence.

During this session, we explained the steps in a specific Data Science case and show the different possible ways of working for a Data Scientist while using SAP Data Intelligence. We complemented this with a demonstration of how to operationalize the results of this case.

  • Data Science Clustering Case
  • Using Jupyter Lab in Data Intelligence
  • Using the ML Scenario Manager
  • Using the Jupyter operator in a pipeline

Our experts Stefan Rijnkels and Chris Al Gerges will share their knowledge with you.

The presentations are based on our customer cases and the knowledge and insights we gained from them.

Target audience

Analytics & Business Intelligence profiles: IT Manager, Program Manager, Solution Architect, Solution Developer.

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