Expert Session: Get ready for e-invoicing (Gent)

Expert Session

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The digitization of business processes is accelerating and countries are demanding more and more automated and electronic ways to communicate with business partners.

E-invoicing is one of the most important examples that all companies will have to implement sooner or later, including compliance reporting.

But what is e-invoicing exactly? Why is it becoming mandatory? How will it affect the operation of your business? When should you start with it? What do you need to consider? And what about PEPPOL, e-Factura and KSeF?

We’ll be happy to guide you through the world of e-invoicing and introduce you to SAP’s cloud based end-to-end solution, SAP Document & Reporting compliance. It allows your company to create, process and monitor transaction documents and periodic regulatory reports across countries in a future-proof and user friendly way!


  • 8:30 Welcome and breakfast
  • 9:00 Get ready for e-invoicing
  • 10:30 Closure and Q&A