Euro conversion in Croatia

According to the Croatian governments decision and available regulatory guidelines, Croatia will join the European Monetary Union (Eurozone) as of January 2023. The process will start in 2022 with dual pricing in the second half of the year, and with several test EUR changeovers to prepare the conversion.

One euro

The impact

The formal changeover from HRK to EUR is planned as of January 1st, 2023.

All SAP Customers in Croatia and also other Countries with Croatian subsidiaries have to convert their current SAP environment. If you haven’t started yet, be aware of the major impact it can have on your systems and processes. It doesn't only affect the financial modules and processes!

During a currency conversion project, the values of the currency in scope are translated into the values of the new currency using a fixed exchange rate, thus ensuring accountability and traceability of the changes during audits. Currency conversions are realized either for all organizational units within a client or for specifically selected units. Performance optimization tools helps you to ensure a fast and efficient throughput, leading to the shortest possible downtime of your system.

Euro conversie


Generally our currency conversion project consists of two or three test conversions in a test environment.

Our local and International team of experts has prepared a solid approach and is ready to help and support customers step by step, based on our experiences.

Before starting with the actual Euro conversion project, we will first conduct an assessment on your entire SAP landscape. The results of the assessment will provide you with a detailed quotation, a clear project plan and view on the impact of the Euro conversion on your business.

Get in contact with the Expert(um) team for more information about our assessment and project approach!

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