Hunkemöller boosts omnichannel experience with Expertum and SAP


Expertum today announced the results of its project to create an in-store Clientele App for Hunkemöller, Europe’s fastest-growing lingerie brand. The app, now deployed internationally in over 900 stores, is delivering improved in-store customer experience and upselling through omnichannel technology.

Hunkemöller’s Omnichannel Plan

Hunkemöller wanted to expand its omnichannel strategy to include an on-site sales tool that would boost in-store customer experience and increase upsells. Unable to find a suitable off-the-shelf solution, they turned to SAP experts Expertum to deliver a tablet-based clientele app built for this purpose.
The Clientele App needed to make Hunkemöller’s complete online catalog available in an inspirational and visually attractive way for sales staff in every store; the sales potential of smaller stores would then no longer be limited by their capacity to carry physical stock. At the same time, the app needed to fit perfectly with Hunkemöller’s exquisite brand and close attention to delivering great customer experience.

An Agile Meeting of Minds

A Clientele app that 900+ retail outlets depend on needs to be rock solid as well as looking inspiring. And, as the app was being developed from scratch, Hunkemöller’s needs would likely evolve during development, so a flexible approach was needed.

Sjoerd van Middelkoop
, Partner & Director Expertum NL, outlines the undertaking:

We used design thinking to make sure we had a clear idea of the functionality Hunkemöller needed. We built a prototype app and then began an agile development process to get to that result while remaining flexible enough to incorporate changes in priority throughout the project lifecycle.
We chose the SAP Business Technology Platform because it let us use SAP’s UI5 technology to exactly match Hunkemöller’s branding, while also combining this with other technologies available on the platform. The choice, therefore, guaranteed stability, speed, product integration, and good looks!

The result

The Clientele App is now successfully running on sales representatives’ tablets across 900+ stores. The look and feel match Hunkemöller’s perfectly, and it runs with the speed, stability and features required from true enterprise software. It also has remote-to-local support capabilities available.

Reflecting on the experience of working with Expertum to create and deploy the app, Gordon Smit, Global IT Director at Hunkemöller, had this to say:

Expertum is a very open organization. Very clear on the timelines. Very clear where the pain points are. Very clear on the project plan. It was an excellent fit for us.

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