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SAP announced the evolution of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC) into SAP Datasphere during its ‘Data Unleashed’-digital event.

We've updated our latest whitepaper to reflect all the changes and new developments, some of the images may still carry SAP Datasphere’s old name (Data Warehouse Cloud), in cases where no similar visualizations with the new namesake were available. If you have read this white paper before, you might just be interested in the topics that SAP highlighted in the days preceding and during the March event. In the section below, you will find the most important takeaways in a nutshell, but we encourage you to download this white paper and read on if you want to know more!

  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is now called SAP Datasphere.
  • SAP Datasphere contains basic functionalities also found in SAP Data Intelligence, such as replication flows, semantic modelling capabilities and the Data Intelligence catalog.
  • SAP’s long-term strategy is to have SAP Datasphere cover all SAP Data Intelligence use cases and foster a Business Data Fabric architecture. Until then, Data Intelligence will continue to exist as a separate solution.
  • SAP has announced partnerships with a number of open data partners such as Databricks and Collibra to allow for wider and deeper integration with non-SAP organisational data through SAP Datasphere.
  • With the launch of SAP Datasphere, the new Analytic Model will become the go-to consumption entity for SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • SAP BW Bridge now supports BW queries as Datasphere entities in the Data Builder.

Fit Assessment

During our Fit Assessment, we will use our extensive experience and expertise in SAP Business Intelligence to help and determine whether Datasphere is the right next step for your organization. Would you like to know more about our Fit Assessment on SAP Datasphere?

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SAP Datasphere

Our experts Lars van der Goes and Rogier Schipper updated our whitepaper with all of November's 2023 latest updates.

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SAP Datasphere

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