'Fitcoins' launched in Belgium

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Kokoro, a Belgium based company that assists organisations in their well-being policy, launched the 'fitcoin', a digital currency to reward employees for activities that promote their physical and mental health.

The idea of this platform was already succesful in the Netherlands, known as 'It's My Life'.

This innovative Heath-platform, intented and developed by Expertum and Its My Life, was build in 2017 to make fitplan results visible.
It allows members to follow-up on their health and sitting habits. SAP Business Technology is used to capture the data, develop and host the application.

From now on, Kokoro will distribute this app - called 'Fitcoins' - on the Belgian market.
This launch was announced on national television. (See video below)

As a developer and active user of the Fitcoins platform, we have seen a very nice trend over the years of improvement in exercise behavior and vitality. With the analytics module, we have been able to gratefully use our expertise in the field of data and visualization techniques to provide insight into the results for customers and communities.

Sjoerd van Middelkoop, director and partner at Expertum

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