Support Tools

Software developed to Support you based on our Experience

Intensive knowledge sharing within the teams, with customers and on social media ensures and demonstrates our innovation and creativity.

Next to this we are Proud to support SAP customers with more detailed information by writing our own books of specific subjects.

Please find below the books our Experts have written over the last Years.


SAP Copy

Copying SAP systems is very useful. It is also very boring – and boredom breeds mistakes.

SAPCOPY performs automatic system copies end-to-end, taking care of the tedious, repetitive tasks and presenting you with a freshly updated test or training system, ready for use.

Automate SAP System Copy End-to-End:

  • Currently supported on all Unix flavors* 
  • Currently supported for Oracle, Max DB (live Cache) **
  • Supported instances: ABAP*** 
  • Build as a library of independent blocks
  • Integrates with SAP LVM


  • System Copy using BRTOOLS
  • System Copy using Storage Solutions 
  • System Copy using VMWare Clone
  • System Deployment using VMWare Orchestration


The Susan Smart platform accommodates a wide range of automations covering extended monitoring, reporting and reviewing. This toolset is based on the know-how built-up by the Logos Consulting experts and is complementary to the SAP standard tools.

Susan Smart is integrated into the Logos Consulting Support Services and Ticketing System.

Characteristics of Susan:

  • Based on Logos know-how = Expert System
  • Susan collects its own performance data
  • Data analysis based on own algorithms
  • Evaluation and alerting based on Logos designed colour calculus.
  • No installation or configuration on the customer’s SAP system
  • Low entry level: RFC access with elementary user authorities
  • Central remote management and customization platform operated   by Logos Consulting experts

Trace Transport Center

TRACE is created by ABAP experts, world class specialists in the SAP transport system.

TRACE is an out-of-the box SAP add-on solution which enhances the standard Change and Transport System by providing a light though powerful framework for monitoring, approving and importing transport requests.

TRACE has the unique ability to allow the undoing of an erroneous transport even after it has been imported, the ultimate insurance policy for your software logistics!

Major Characteristics of Trace:

  • Enhanced SAP Transport Management
  • Automatically sequence of transports
  • Dump prediction
  • Warns and prevents collision of transport requests 
  • Prevent erroneous transports, prevent system downtimes
  • Rollback transports