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Mark Mergaerts

Database corruption with AIX/Oracle

 04-Apr-2017 11:22:32 by Mark Mergaerts

Target audience for this Alert: all SAP installations with DBMS Oracle, operating system AIX and one of the following AIX levels: (6100-09-08) (7100-03-08) (7100-04-03) (7200-00-03) (7200-01-01) 


(use the command oslevel -s to see the exact version level)

These AIX service packs contain a bug that has led to several cases of database corruption. Both Oracle 11 and 12 are affected; the installed SAP Bundle Patch (SBP) has no relevance for this issue. The corruption can damage both data files and redo logs; it manifests itself as ORA-00600 and ORA-07445 errors. Core dumps of Oracle processes may also occur.

The problem is solved in the next higher AIX level ( / / / /, but IBM also makes available an interim fix (iFix) for the five versions affected.

Instructions for fixing this potentially serious issue are in SAP note 2449067.

A reboot of the server will always be required.

Key SAP Notes:




Database Corruption ORA-600 ORA-7445 errors after applying AIX SP patches - AIX or AIX or AIX or AIX or AIX

Other information sources:

  • IBM document: HIPER (Doc Number=5279): High Impact / Highly Pervasive APAR IV93840

(referenced in the SAP note)

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