Governance, Risk & Compliance

Ensure the security of your SAP system is as high as the value of your data and process execution

Allow business process owners to identify & monitor risk, acquire control and facilitate compliance by using SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Turning control requirements into a competitive advantage. More than ever, your stakeholders demand efficiency, transparency and consistency. Compliance is getting ever more complex and demanding, yet you have a business to run. How can you control risk, ensure good governance and compliance without putting a strain on your business processes and teams? Expertum’s SAP GRC experts integrate years of expertise and experience into a tailor-made approach to address your GRC issues. This way, we can help you turn your control requirements into a competitive advantage.

SAP Security

In order to ensure that you company data is safe and well-managed, and your processes are not unintentionally interrupted, providing the right access to the right people is fundamental.

Doing that in a way that minimizes business impact, IT workload ànd risk exposure is a challenge. Add to that the complexity of SAP authorizations in the different SAP products and the required business ownership, you need a special breed of persons to help you get structure and control in User Access Management. Our teams consist of that special breed. They are ex-auditors, CISA/CISM, CISSP certified, forensic analysts,.. who are passionate about SAP security, business processes, risk and compliance. They can advise and assist you in your risk definition, analysis, remediation, role (re)design, process optimization and development of governance structures.

To accelerate your SAP security investments, our teams have developed solid role catalogs to provide user access to SAP sub processes in any SAP system (ECC, BI, HR,…). And have combined their skills with that of their HANA colleagues to develop innovative future-proof concepts on HANA & FIORI as well.


In today’s business, the importance of business data & process design as a company’s assets becomes more & more clear. Managing your users’ access to processes and data is therefore not only a matter of preventing risk of data corruption causing process disruptions but also of data loss, of protecting your assets. GRC aims to acquire awareness & control over all risks that threaten the realization of your business objectives, including user access.

The GRC suite has expanded exponentially over the years, in line with the increasing importance of securing your SAP assets. Expertum can help you with the choice of tool, the technical implementation and the functional and risk insights to configure the tool to your needs.

What can you achieve with our GRC services :

  • Define your GRC roadmap custom to your business organization and compliance requirements
  • Perform a Security Health Check to identify structural deficiencies in your SAP security set-up of monitor the quality issues and deviations from guidelines and best practice
  • Periodic compliance monitoring
  • Identify Segregation of Duties (SOD) issues, analyze root cause and propose & implement a prioritized action list of remediation activities
  • Design, implement and manage a flexible and structured authorization concept for any type of SAP product
  • Delivery of preconfigured Segregation of Duties (SOD) rule sets, allowing you to accelerate your GRC Access Control implementations
  • Implement GRC tools (SAP GRC Access Control, process Control, Risk Management, IDM,Fraud Management,...) in line with your processes and needs

Roles + Rules + Tools =

  • Reduced IT maintenance cost
  • Service Level improvements
  • Increased ownership & control
  • Reduced internal & external audit costs
  • Accelerated road to compliance

Expertum consultants ensure your solution is complete: we collect your business specifics and integrate them in the technical implementations, offer insight into which functionality and controls deserve active monitoring, help you design and adjust your processes and implement a governance model. We guide you with our expertise from blueprint over installation, configuration, testing & go live into daily operational support.

Why Expertum:

  • SAP® Recognized Expertise in the Governance, Risk & Compliance area
  • Highly experienced GRC professionals
  • Understanding the delicate balance between security and business flexibility.
  • Share their GRC passion through their design & implementation work
  • Efficient, smart, fast delivery
  • Inspiring teachers
  • Speakers on local & international conferences

Areas of Expertise:

  • SAP GRC Access Control
  • SAP GRC Process Control
  • SAP GRC Risk Management
  • SAP Authorisations
  • SAP Netweaver Identity Management (IDM)
  • SAP Fraud Management

What can you achieve with GRC:

Combining vision with excellence, we will Inspire you!