SAP HANA Data Management Suite – What is it?

July 23, 2019 Posted by: Stefan Rijnkels

First, let’s be clear. The SAP HANA Data Management Suite is not a product. The suite is positioned by SAP as a solution, a bundle of products from the Data Management portfolio. The selection of these products together enables an organization to build a managed landscape with trusted data as a fundamental basis for an intelligent enterprise. In this blog the products, their positioning and our vision will be explained.

Game changers for organizations

It is nothing new to state that data is everywhere, in- and outside of organizations, structured and unstructured. The volume of data is growing for years now, mainly caused by new technologies and legislation. Think of the use of social media, even by companies, the Internet of Things with sensor data and the availability of cloud storage.  

Improved technologies like machine learning, in-memory technology, streaming of data and cloud will enable new business functions. For instance, data scientists now are enabled to provide organizations with information to be more competitive. The capability of handling massive amounts of data is what these technologies made possible.

The business needs to handle this, being able to use all that data and the technologies to benefit from it. Bringing all of this together is what SAP refers to as building an Intelligent Enterprise.

SAP Intelligent Enterprise 2

The products of the suite

For organizations data is one of their most valuable assets and hence the process of data management is becoming more important. Trusted data available at the right moment and the right location, meeting legislation requirements is key. The products in the SAP HANA Data Management Suite are selected by SAP to provide an organization with the means to accomplish this. So what products are bundled in the SAP HANA Data Management Suite?



The fundament will be the technology provided by SAP HANA, the in-memory database. Not only from a storage point of view with compression and optimizations for analytics, but also from the perspective of computing performance.

Embedded in this platform is the development of applications and analytical models directly based on the data providing you with fast analytics. Because of the embedded technology the platform is prepared for processing spatial data, graphs and unstructured data. Also, predictive functionality, machine learning and analytics while streaming data is available.

SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer

Within the SAP portfolio, SAP PowerDesigner is well known as a modeling tool. The SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer is relatively new and comparable to that with the difference of being web-based and integrated with SAP HANA. Its purpose is to help you design your business, processes, data, landscape and how it all integrates together.

Why is this product of importance in the SAP HANA Data Management Suite? It provides the ability to model your data landscape and processes at all levels. At the same time the modeling is formalized, helping you through change processes when they occur and when ready directly deployable. The model-driven approach in fact is forcing you to work in a structured and governed way.

SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services

This is the Big Data as-a-Services solution from SAP. In fact, a big data platform for storage and processing in the cloud. Technically it is based on Apache Spark and Hadoop, provided with security, scalability and operational support.

With the vision in mind of combining enterprise data with big data, it makes the intelligent enterprise possible. The SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services will provide an easy way to set up or expand this vision. For instance, it is possible to create a data lake as part of your data landscape. Also, technologies like machine learning and graph computation are provided. Because it is in the cloud, there is no worrying about hardware, software, security and the time to implement.

SAP Data Hub

One of the most recent and innovative products is SAP Data Hub. It is what SAP calls a data orchestration tool with a lot of functionality to provide your organization with trusted data. It is the control center of your data landscape, comparable to an ‘air traffic control tower’.

The functionality of SAP Data Hub is diverse. For instance, supporting data scientists by combining your enterprise data with big data, next to already existing data movements in your landscape. On top of that an overview of your data landscape is provided by connecting to the data in your organization and collect the metadata. Centrally controlling and scheduling your data movements, whether initiated from SAP Data Hub or other connected products, is another main function.

This functionality together makes SAP Data Hub a key element within your data management landscape, especially when you need to be in control of your data. Also view our blog about the business value of Data Hub.

Bringing it all together

In my opinion the combination of the products in the SAP HANA Data Management Suite is perfect for organizations evolving to a higher level regarding the intelligent enterprise. And this is especially true for organizations who are starting with big data scenarios, hence using intelligent technologies to make smarter decisions. Not only to be able to benefit from these technologies, but also to formalize and control your data landscape, which should be your competitive advantage.

Most organizations already have analytical solutions implemented including some data warehousing and/or data marts. Some even started with a data lake based on certain preferred products. They are already part of your road to the intelligent enterprise and can be combined with some products from the SAP HANA Data Management Suite. For instance, products like the Enterprise Architecture Designer and SAP Data Hub will make the difference in the governance of your data environment. However, and that’s a delicate process, select the combination of products that will enable your organization to make intelligent decisions.

As said, the SAP HANA Data Management Suite is not a product by itself, but a bundled set of products from a license perspective. All of them working together, well matched, which is a main benefit. These products are helping you to take your data management to a higher level or in fact start with incorporating big data scenarios. In my opinion at the end it is all about the individual products and how they are used together in your organization. If SAP HANA is your platform of choice, the products of the SAP HANA Data Management Suite should be considered.


Stefan Rijnkels