SAP BPC 11: an expert's opinion

January 14, 2019 Posted by: Harmen Klapwijk

At the SAPInsider convention in Amsterdam the newest release of Business Planning & Consolidation was introduced, SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 11.

In this blog, we will provide an expert’s opinion and first look at some of the useful features of SAP BPC 11. What are the benefits for companies to use BPC 11, and which new features will improve the performance of BPC?


First and foremost, one of the key characteristics of SAP BPC 11 is that it can only be used in combination with SAP BW/4HANA. BW/4HANA is an evolution of SAP BW that is completely optimized and tailored to the SAP HANA Platform. Without getting into all the details of BW/4HANA, there are 4 major benefits for BW/4HANA: simplicity, openness, a modern UI and high performance.

Although Embedded BPC 10.1 offers many advantages based on the HANA platform already (read more information about the existing versions of SAP BPC in this blog , BPC 11 offers more integration and additional functionality, because of being incorporated into BW/4HANA.

What are the key differentiators of SAP BPC 11 compared to the previous versions?

Many of the benefits that BW/4HANA offers are also very relevant to BPC 11.


  1. There is only one product left in the financial planning suite. SAP BPS, BW-IP and BCS have merged into BPC.
  2. Simplification of the back-end and the front-end: fewer object types & front-ends, all mature technologies that are strategic in SAP’s roadmap
  3. Whereas the old versions lacked in web reporting by allowing only one query per worksheet, the new version of web reporting allows multiple queries to be combined.


  1. Deep integration with SAP Analytics Cloud: this allows users to quickly sync the data between SAP’s Analytics platform in the cloud and the BPC platform, eliminating the long throughput time in loading all data from the BPC platform to the cloud server (and vice versa) after planning in the cloud.
  2. The ability to load 3rd party data into BPC in an easy, manageable way
  3. Leveraging Big Data in decision making and planning of financial data

Modern interface:

  1. The new HTML5 interface provides a better and more intuitive look and feel. The home screen can be enriched with bar charts, line charts and all other kinds of graphical representation to the data. Furthermore, all the activities of the end-users are specified in a day by day list and sorted on due date.
  2. Easily connected to SAP’s suite of modern analytical solutions


  1. Query formula operations are pushed down into HANA. Functions such as disaggregation are entirely done in HANA, therefore making use of the optimal performance of the system.
  2. FOX formulas are pushed down into HANA, custom coding is pushed into the HANA calculation engine and do not run on the BW layer.

SAP BPC 11: only for BW/4HANA

As stated before, BW/4HANA is a prerequisite to SAP BPC 11. BW/4HANA is the successor SAP BW on HANA, and offers a deeper integration in the HANA platform and Big Data scenarios.

In S/4HANA scenarios, SAP BPC Optimized for S/4HANA is an option as well for planning and consolidation. BPC Optimized is fully integrated with S/4HANA and can be used for real-time planning and consolidation whereas BPC 11 is more suited in a stand-alone solution, leveraging BW/4HANA. For more information on the different types of BPC versions, read our earlier blog on this topic.


Combining SAP BPC 11

With the new BW/4HANA platform it’s very easy to combine BPC 11 with SAP’s suite of BI Products to go beyond the traditional budgeting and planning metrics.

Combining SAP BPC 11 with SAP Analytics Cloud Predictive Analytics will not only give the option the look back on what happened in the past, and give some rudimentary analytics on why things have happened. It creates the possibility to predict what is likely going to happen and what will be the optimal scenario on getting things done.


 Next to the possibility to combine BPC with the cloud it is also possible to incorporate Big Data into the planning, using next generation business drivers to go beyond the traditional planning metrics, because of BW/4HANA’s Big Data integration and the possibility to use SAP HANA Modeling.  

Important points to take into account

  1. SAP BPC 11.0, version for SAP BW/4HANA is a new release of BPC on the BW/4HANA platform and not on NetWeaver BW
  2. SAP BPC on BW/4HANA still supports both Standard an Embedded Models 
  3. The Embedded model in SAP BPC BW/4HANA does not require BEX queries
  4. BPC on BW/4HANA can co-exist with an S4/HANA deployment as a standalone model outside ERP
  5. Further Planning, BI and Predictive scenarios can be extended leveraging the integration with SAP Analytics Cloud
  6. Various forms of integration from BW/4HANA can be leveraged to use enterprise and non-enterprise data as part of the planning process using SDA or SDI
  7. Cloud ready with various deployment options

Any questions or remarks? Feel free to contact us!


Harmen Klapwijk

Senior SAP Business Planning & Consolidation consultant within Expertum The Netherlands