Nick Mahieu: "1 year Expertum, Time flies when you are having fun"

I’ve joined Expertum in March 2019 after being 5 years in an internal IT role in an international environment while...

Author - Nick Mahieu
SAP clarifies the Roadmap: A new stepping stone for Planning & Consolidation (1)

News on the FP&A front coming from SAP. An update in the strategic direction was recently announced in May. The...

Author - Machiel Grobben
SAP Note Download and Upload Process Impacted

SAP Note download/upload only possible for digitally signed notes as of 1/1/2020

Author - Mark Mergaerts
Daylight Saving Time ends on 27 October 2019

EXPERTUM TECH ALERT - On Sunday, 27 October 2019 most of Europe changes from Daylight Saving Time ("summer time")...

Author - Mark Mergaerts
SAP Cloud Platform

What is SAP Cloud Platform?

It’s a platform (available “as a service”) to connect your systems and applications. ​


SUSAN - 10 cases why and how

SUSAN, your SAP consultant, 24x7. We have summarized 10 real life cases in which SUSAN can be of your and your...

Rainforest Connection - Video

VIDEO - For this predictive case Expertum, SAP and the Rainforest Connection had one common goal: "To save the...

Author - Ted Castelijns
SAP HANA Data Management Suite – What is it?

First, let’s be clear. The SAP HANA Data Management Suite is not a product. The suite is positioned by SAP as a...

Author - Stefan Rijnkels
Akzo Nobel Case - Video

VIDEO - "How to advise the right corrosion primer for a specific location?" Find out how we used available raw data...

Author - Hans Bockstal