Optimising your business flows

We implement, add and/or optimise intelligence in your business flows by entering SAP features. We analyse the various business processes in detail and consider how we can make them smarter. What can be automated, simplified and boosted by using SAP? That’s our focus.

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Intelligent enterprise

Business lines can be made more intelligent on their own. We streamline your processes across Finance, Procurement, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Sales or Service. We check down to the smallest details whether optimisations are possible and/or needed. If you are still at the beginning of an automation process, we will look together at the steps that need to be taken to empower your business lines with SAP applications.


We assess where information can be obtained, in order to be able to make targeted business decisions. We develop analytics and business warehousing, constructed to better analyse your own business and anticipate based on facts and figures. We say goodbye to assumptions.

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Roles and authorisations are crucial in every SAP environment. They allow users to access data in a secure and user-friendly way. Ensuring the security of your SAP system is as valuable as your data and processes themselves.

User Experience

Complex screens, a diversity of tools and unattractive designs, can make the working day a challenge that costs your company time and resources. That’s why we ensure that all employees in your company can begin using the latest applications in a simple and user-friendly way.

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RPA/AI/Machine Learning

Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning… At Expertum, we dare to go to the next level with enhanced automation to identify new opportunities, improve productivity and reduce costs.

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