Taking care of your SAP framework

We create the most optimal environment to ensure that your entire SAP household runs at its best. This, of course, takes into account all the needs and expectations of your company. We look at the whole and make choices based on budget and priorities that provide an end-to-end solution.

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Of course, the experts at Expertum are at your service to keep your entire environment up-to-date and therefore stable, reliable and performant. Application Lifecycle Management covers the entire lifecycle from concept, through to design, set up, maintenance and monitoring, to initiate improvements, adjustments and upgrades.

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Systems and sizing

At Expertum, we create systems and prepare them to fully support your SAP framework and your business. We input the selected data necessary for processes and features to run optimally. We install optimal operating systems, configure and coordinate... Your technical environment is our expertise: we design, set up and maintain.


To create the perfect environment for SAP to empower your business, the choice of how and where you let it run, is vital. Whether you run your SAP environment in your own datacentre, in a private Cloud located in a remote datacentre, or in the public Cloud such as AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, we are your partner.

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Not everything is provided by SAP as standard, but that does not mean that a solution cannot be found. Expertum has developed a number of unique applications and software in collaboration with our clients and our internal knowledge teams. Our experts develop solutions tailored to our customers which fit perfectly within their SAP environment.

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