Risk identification, visualisation​, remediation with Ray

SAP Authorizations are a complex matter. Although they can be a strong preventative control, getting your critical accesses and segregation of duties (SOD) under control usually is a difficult task.

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Expertum has developed Ray, a risk analysis app to identify and visualize your SAP authorization risks and to support your remediation activities.

RAY, a risk analysis app to identify and visualize your SAP authorizations risks and to support your remediation activities.

Risk identification, visualisation​, remediation with Ray

As a business owner, you work day and night to get your business off the ground and thriving. In doing so, you cannot keep everything 100% under control. As a result, over the years, internal business processes sometimes dilute into an incomprehensible tangle of responsibilities. After all, who all has access to confidential information? Who chooses the suppliers? Who pays the invoices?

When well-defined key functions within a company are performed by too few people, they sometimes gain too much power. Anyone whose heart is not in the right place can abuse it. This creates risks of conflicts of interest, fraud, theft and misuse of information. In the worst case, it leads to financial losses and reputational damage.

From our many years of experience in SAP systems, we find that companies sometimes lose track of crucial internal procedures and roles. That's why we developed Ray, an online app that uses the company's SAP information to map out all kinds of procedures around authorizations. Ray then analyzes the risks, especially around segregation of duties and critical access. Finally, in a user-friendly dashboard, the app visualizes all risks in a comprehensible and clear manner. Based on this, you can then take targeted action (or let Expertum help you).

Ray is built on the latest SAP BTP technology and uses the power of HANA.

Although Ray can be implemented and administered by every company independently, Expertum can also support with optional services like:

  • Administer the app
  • Ruleset customizing and maintenance
  • Remediation and redesign activities

Easy to download

The app is available on the SAP app store and can be easily downloaded.

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