Consultancy & Implementation

Driven by Vision, Innovation and Experience

To provide each client with the most appropriate solution, we offer a wide range of services and roles. With a focus on business and innovative emerging technology concepts within the SAP market, we make the difference. We are a solid team of 120+ senior SAP Experts, located in Belgium, The Netherlands and Slovenia.

Our consultants are experienced and have seen a variety of businesses, issues and solutions.
They think quickly and browse through many views, visions and experiences to advise you on the pitfalls, prerequisites, complexities and key success factors underlying your roadmap.

We are covering the following roles;

  • Trusted Advisor
  • Program & Project management
  • Functional Consultancy
  • Technical Consultancy
  • 24x7 Support

With this team we are able to execute a full Program, subprojects or individual assignments as efficiently as possible.

Our Services

Roadmap & Strategy

We translate your business and IT requirements into new Innovative solutions, technologies and profound applicable architectures. 

Consultancy & Implementation

We take the responsibility for the execution of a Program, subprojects, the change, co-ordination and budget. It's an end-to-end approach and contains the Implementation, Migration or upgrades.

Prototyping & PoV

Driven by our Vision, Innovation and Experience we develop unique prototypes in our Private Cloud for our customers to prove the value of a solution.

Cloud and 24x7 Technical Support

Accelerate your Digital Transformation by using the Cloud based SAP solutions for Customer Engagement and Commerce, Analytics, IoT, UX and Big data. All managed by Expertum with our 24x7 technical support center.


Define your Strategy and Roadmap towards the Digital Transformation

We are ready to help you realising your strategic business goals.

Innovation is our drive

With a focus on business, IT models and innovative emerging technology concepts within the SAP market, we make the difference. Find out more about our other unique expertise areas or services.