Bert Vanstechelman

Making your system monitoring light & efficient: Susan stands watch

 Sep 28, 2017 2:40:39 PM by Bert Vanstechelman

SUSAN, your SAP Consultant 24x7

In an ever smarter and intensely connected world, Susan stands watch. What you want her to know she knows:  Susan builds on the newest technologies and combines multiple data sources to monitor the diversity of your companies’ systems and requirements.

What you want her to show she shows: real-time alerts on the dashboard, prioritized and customizable event signaling, historical reporting and trending - with all these functions using cutting edge, cloud-based user interfaces.

With the Internet of Things becoming a workplace reality, only the most advanced solutions will ensure that everything keeps running and communicating smoothly. Susan meets the challenge.

At Expertum, our support engineers successfully integrated Susan Smart to monitor the SAP landscapes of our customers. At present, she provides sufficient insights to allow five people to effortlessly manage over 300 systems.

Find out what Susan can do for you at SAPience TECHday 2017 DigiTasters



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