User Experience

Enhancing the user experience with the newest SAP UX technologies

Technology drives innovation, also at SAP. Information can be processed faster, shared easily, accessed intuitively, individualized to all our specificities. After years of building towards a comprehensive application package, offering a suitable and integrated solution for all business processes, SAP is now directing its focus on the users.

The diversity of our user communities requires a variety in user approach. Different types of users are best served with individualized interfaces.
Yet consistent in apparel over the different devices we use to access our data and processes.

Let us guide you through the SAP strategy for New applications, renewal of existing applications and the enablement of customization to specific needs based on Fiori, Screen Personas, Business Client.


Fiori is the Italian word for Flower. Directly associated with Flowers come the words beauty and pleasant. That is also what SAP is aiming for to the end-user with Fiori.

SAP Fiori apps are the mobile ready solution of SAP for widely used SAP functions. It is a broad collection of as well transactional, analytical as factsheet and contextual apps. These apps can be used both on-premise as on the SAP Cloud Platform.

The SAP Fiori Guidelines consist of a award winning design language that enables SAP customers to create coherent, simple and delightful applications using SAPUI5. When following the Fiori guidelines in custom SAPUI5 development, the created application will fit in between the standard Fiori apps perfectly.

Characterizing for the Fiori interface are its intuitive and responsive design. Whether being used on a desktop, tablet or Smartphone the end-user keeps on having the same experience. This user interface can be exposed as a web application via the Fiori launchpad, wrapped as a hybrid mobile application or integrated into the SAP Fiori client.

Fiori fits perfectly within the new and renewal strategy of SAP and is the long term User Interface of S/4HANA Enterprise Management, Ariba Mobile and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer.

Screen Personas

SAP Screen Personas allows you to improve user productivity by personalizing your SAP Dynpro (SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA) and Web Dynpro screens. You can simplify screens by removing fields you don’t use, converting free text entry to pull-down menus, and automating recurring keystrokes.

By providing the right information to the right users in the right context, they can get more done in less time with greater accuracy. With more intuitive SAP screens, organizations can enhance user satisfaction, minimize training time, and spend less money on screen modifications. SAP Screen Personas is one of several ways to improve SAP usability and the overall user experience.

Often heard remarks when training end-users in SAP are:

  • Is it possible to remove the fields which are of no importance for me?
  • Can you limit the list of values in dropdown or search helps?

With Screen Personas the answer is simply “Yes, we can”. Instead of writing books with SAP procedures to ensure a correct usage Screen Personas enables you to create “Flavors” on top of the standard delivered SAP transactions.

These flavors are serving in making transactions more user-friendly and more intuitive by:

  • Removing unwanted fields
  • Limiting dropdown lists
  • Adding comments or guidelines for the user
  • Replacing multi-view procedures by a simple script where only relevant input is required.

With Screen Personas the answer is simply “Yes, we can”.

Business Client

SAP Business Client (BC) is the next generation of the very well-known and broadly used SAP GUI. The main advantages of NWBC are the role-based navigation, Powerlists and Side-Panels.

Instead of continuously searching the right transaction code the role-based navigation directs the end-user towards the right transaction. By dividing the companies’ activities in comprehensive for itself speaking work centers the end-user does not have to know SAP by heart to end-up in the correct transaction.

  • Powerlists help the end-user in the day-to-day business by pushing information in to worklists. Previously SAP users had to ask the system with the right search criteria for the required data. Powerlists are a shift in this process: Once the Powerlist Query is defined end-users get the required information pushed in a spreadsheet alike screen.
  • Side Panels allow to have contextual information in the same screen as the executed main transaction. Within Side Panels information of Reports, other Application details, Visual Enterprise and even webservices as Google Maps or Social Media can be integrated.
Next to these 3 main features of SAP Business Client an extra advantage is also that it serves as a single point of entry for a wide range of SAP functions such as:
  • Standard Transactions
  • Custom Transactions
  • Renewed Webdynpro Transactions
  • Screen Personas flavors
  • BW reports

We will guide you on your User Experience journey

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