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Discover the advantages of SAP, IoT and Big data on the Azure hybrid Cloud

 Aug 1, 2017 10:52:41 AM by Reninca van der Linden

Would you like the flexibility of being able to move (non-)SAP environments or data, on-premise, on a Private Cloud or on a  Public Cloud? Discover the real benefits of the Azure hybrid Cloud architecture.

The Microsoft Azure hybrid Cloud solution can be tailored to every client’s specific situation by, for instance, combining SAP products like S/4HANA, the HANA Platform and Microsoft products for Internet of Things and Big Data with the benefits of the Azure Cloud architecture: a unique comprehensive solution, made possible by the collaborative effort of Expertum, Microsoft and HPE.

Thanks to the SAP-Microsoft collaboration to enable provisioning of the HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC), SAP Cloud
Platform and the SAP SuccessFactors®, Fieldglass®, Ariba® and Concur® Lines-of-Business applications in the Azure public
cloud, organisations are increasingly interested in the benefits of the Azure architecture compared to the current
solutions provided by non-SAP cloud or hosting providers. The Azure architecture-based hybrid solution is this collabs answer to organisations that use or wish to use S/4HANA and/or start deploying solutions like Internet of Things and Big Data. It
offers the flexibility you need for scalability, integration, security and authorisation, and, thanks to simplified pricing models, also helps to reduce costs. 

Organisations no longer need to invest or pre-invest in hardware in order to support growth, and can avoid the expenses of SAP required certified hardware to run S/4HANA or the HANA platform.

S/4HANA in the Azure Private Cloud

The development of S/4HANA in the Azure Private Cloud offers all manner of benefits for organisations that prefer not to move certain critical business applications to a public Cloud, such as your own private and clustered environment, your influence regarding upgrades, release management,  customizations, but with the flexibility and ease of being able to upscale and downscale capacity as and when required. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for long-term contracts due to a convenient all-in, pay-per-use pricing model based on memory (RAM)blocks. These building blocks include storage, backups, connectivity and technical (SAP) support (24x7).s4hana_azure_pic1.png

On-premise, Private, Public all on the Azure Hybrid architecture

The Azure Public Cloud is perfectly suited for organisations with ad-hoc capacity
requirements, test environments, disaster recovery issues or specific Big Data applications
like Hadoop and Spark.

Organisations that want to let certain critical business applications run on premise, can realise cost savings with the Azure architecture by, for example, moving their development, acceptance and test environments to the private or Public Cloud, keeping infrastructure architecture investments to a minimum.


Which Architecture will be most interesting for your organisation?

To determine the scenario that best fits your organisation, we need to assess how
much capacity and which functionalities you need, as well as the level of flexibility and
performance you require. We can provide you with detailed options and a calculation of the
best possible scenario for your specific situation. In most cases, the hybrid model is the best
solution in terms of options and flexibility, as you can see in the table below.


Your partners for the S/4HANA in the Azure hybrid Cloud

This unique collaboration enables Expertum to offer organisations a comprehensive service – from
consultancy, strategy and roadmaps to implementation and support of S/4 HANA in the
Azure hybrid Cloud architecture.

Join our event on the 28th of September and find out all details! 

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